Mediation Fees

At Southeast Mass. Mediation we recognize that fees must be reasonable, and that each mediation is different.  Accordingly we have two separate fee structures:

1.   FLAT FEE SCHEDULE: is designed for those people who do not have a complicated situation, and who like the idea of knowing up-front what the mediation will cost.

To this end a flat fee mediation costs $2250.00.  This includes the n/c consultation, up to 3 mediation sessions, all paperwork including separation agreement, AND the filing fee            for the Court of $215.00. There are no extra fees. It is all inclusive. It has been my    experience that the majority of mediations can be completed in 3 sessions or less.

One half of the fee ($1125) is due at the inception of the mediation, and the balance of     $1125.00 is due at the conclusion of the mediation.

A copy of the mediation flat fee contract is included here for your review.


2.      ALA CARTE SCHEDULE: is designed for people whose divorce may be more complicated and will take more than 3 mediation sessions to conclude.           

$300.00 per hour for the mediator’s time, to include reasonable session time, and time expended on email and telephone communication.           

$1100.00 for ALL document preparation: joint petition for divorce, affidavit of irretrievable breakdown, financial statements, separation agreement, and others.           

$215.00 filing fee for the Court.           

Payment will be made at the end of each mediation session and prior to the preparation of divorce documents.

A copy of the ala carte mediation contract is included here.